About Casenoter

What is the Casenoter vision?

We believe that collaboration is the key to a bright and collegiate new era for the world’s legal communities. Our vision is to empower legal professionals with clever technologies to streamline workflow and share knowledge, creating endless opportunities for mentoring and growth.

We’re bringing a fresh and innovative approach to transforming the landscape for legal research and collaboration the world over. Simplicity, excellence and value are at the heart of everything we do, and our platform is simple yet powerful.

Casenoter builds your capacity and paves the way for a more productive, sustainable and inclusive legal world where work is shared for mutual and exponential benefit. It’s all about giving you control over your research processes and materials, streamlining your work and sharing the workload.

Wherever you are, whenever you need it

Casenoter is designed for absolute reliability and ease of use, whatever your unique requirements. Whether you’re researching or conducting your own matter, alone or in a team – at home, in your office or chambers, or in different jurisdictions throughout the world – Casenoter works across devices and stores everything securely in the cloud, ready to access when and wherever your work takes you.

It’s not us; it’s you

We’ll happily talk endlessly about Casenoter’s extraordinary capabilities and benefits or our mission to bring lawyers together and dissolve the boundaries of practice area, jurisdiction and philosophy. But at the end of the day, it’s about giving you the power to transform the way you – and those you collaborate with – work, for the better.

Give us a try

You’ll be surprised at just what you can do with Casenoter and how seamless and effective your case law becomes.