BAILii Search

  2. On the Search Browser window the User can make a WorldLii data base selection – Austlii or BAILII – to conduct their Search on BAILii.
  3. The User can Search the BAILii databases applying:-
    1. The Assisted Search with Keywords from the Casenoter Topic Tree – including the Boolean Selections (OR, AND, NOT, NEAR)
    2. The Search Parameters including:-
      • Date Range
      • Search By – Full text or Titles only
      • Jurisdiction – Country
      • Forum – Courts or Tribunals
  4. When the User finds a Law Case which they wish to add to Casenoter the User can save the Case Link to the Case as New Content.
  5. If the User wishes to extract a part of the Case to add to Casenoter the User can clip the extract with the Case Extract Clipper and save the Case Extract as New Content in Casenoter.

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