1. A User can insert any Content – Case Extracts, Saved Searches, Case Links, WorkPads, WorkDocs – into a Binder.
  2. A User can apply descriptive Attributes to all Binders which consist of the following:-
    1. Name of the Binder
    2. Description of the Binder
  3. The User can Link a Binder:-
    1. to a Matter
    2. to a Category of Binder
  4. The User can Duplicate a Binder if they wish to create a new Binder with the same Attributes.
  5. The User can Download a Binder to a Word Format for external use.
  6. The User can assign a Binder as “Active” or “Inactive”
  7. The User can add a Flag to a Binder.
  8. The User can add Comments to a Binder.
  9. A User can Share a Binder with another User within the Casenoter Community.
  10. A User can invite a Guest to be a member of the Casenoter Community to Share a Binder.