Browser Window

From within the Casenoter App, the User can open the Browser Window.             

The User can add multiple Window Tabs. . .

Austli, or BAILi

The User can choose which Worldli database they wish to use. . .Austli, or BAILi.

The User can use all the normal features of Austli or BAILii – but with all the added functions of Casenoter.

Assisted Search

The User can conduct Searches for Case Law on the selected Worldli database using Casenoter’s, Assisted Search . . . applying selected Search Parameters. . .Keywords and Forum Selection.


Casenoter Assisted Search enables the User to input Keywords from the Casenoter Topic Tree, or their own User Keywords . . .

Include the Boolean Selections. OR. AND. NOT. and NEAR . . .      

Search by – Date Range, Full text, or Titles only . . .

Forum Selection

Select the Forum to search by selecting the Jurisdiction, Court, and Tribunal.

Select the User’s own personal Default Databases. As their default selection.

Select All Databases, to search all forums.

Or individually select jurisdiction, court, or tribunal for a particular search using the Selected Databases. . .

Run Search

The User can then Run the Search.

The Search Parameters will be applied to the search conducted within the selected WorldLII data base. . . 

The Search Results will show if there is content in the Casenoter Global Library matching the Keywords used in the Search.

Saved Search

The User can save the Search Parameters to repeat the search, as a Saved Search.

The Saved Search is saved on My Work Centre within the Casenoter App.              

All the User’s Saved Search can be searched and accessed on the Browser Window. . . 

Case Link

Once the User has found a relevant Law Case, the link to the case can be saved as a Case Link.

The Case Link is saved on the My Work Centre. 

All the User’s Case Links can be searched and accessed on the Browser Window. . .

Case Extract

The relevant part of the Law Case can be clipped as a Case Extract. . .

The Case Extract is saved on the My Work Centre.            


The User can click on their history.