Casenoter Content

A User can generate the following content with the Casenoter App: –

  • Case Extracts
  • Saved Searches
  • Case Links
  • WorkPads
  • WorkDocs

Case Extract

A Case Extract is a clipped portion of a law case the User has found on Austlii or BAILii

Saved Search

A Saved Search is an Assisted Search conducted by the User on the Browser Window search which the User has saved.

Case Link

A Case Link is a link to a case which the User has saved on the Browser Window.


A WorkPad is a plain text file created by the User.


A WorkDoc is a document which the User has uploaded, such as a Law Case or Law Article.

Content Attributes

Content has the following Attributes.

  • Name
  • Description
  • Creator


The User who creates the Content is the Creator of the Content.


The Creator of the Content names the Content.

The Name of the Content can be Edited by clicking on the Name.


The Description of the Content can be Added to the Content and Edited.

Content Actions

A User can perform the following actions with respect to Content: –


A User can add Tags to the Content: –

  • New Content Tag
  • Action Required Tag
  • User-defined Tags

New Content

Any new Content created by the User is automatically tagged as New Content with a Red Dot.

New Content is added to My Work Centre

New Content can be filtered on My Work Centre

Action Required

A User can Tag the Content Element as requiring action with Action Required.

The Content is tagged with a Blue Dot as Action Required on My Work Centre

Action Required Content can be filtered on My Work Centre

User-defined Tags

A User can create their own Tags which can be applied to the Content which they have created.


A User can add Comments to any Content.

Other Users who have access to the Content can also add Comments.


A User can Link Content to a: –

  • Binder
  • Matter
  • WorkPad

Duplicate – Download – Delete

A User can: –

  • Duplicate Content
  • Download Content
  • Delete Content

Add Keywords

A User can add to the Content: –

  • Keywords from the Casenoter Topic Tree
  • User Keywords which will be added to the Topic Tree

Case Citation

A User has direct access from the Content to the case citation with a hyperlink to the case.


The Casenoter Libraries is where Content can be sourced by Users.

My Library

All Content created by the User is added to the User’s My Library.

Global Library

A User may Assign Case Extracts, Case Links and Saved Searches to the Global Library.

Content in the Global Library is accessible by all Casenoter Users. (edited)