My Work Centre

My Work Centre is the Screen where the User can organise Content: –

  • Case Extracts
  • Saved Searches
  • Case Links
  • WorkPads
  • WorkDocs


The User can Filter Content by: –

  • New Content
  • Action Required Content
  • Area of Law
  • User Tags

New Content

Any new Content created by the User is automatically: –

  • tagged as New Content with a Red Dot.
  • added to My Work Centre

The New Content Tag can be removed by the User on the Content.

Action Required

A User can Tag any Content as requiring action with: –

  • an Action Required Blue Dot.

The Action Required Tag can be removed by the User on the Content.

User Tags          

A User can create their own User Tags.

User Tags can be applied to the Content the User has created.


Keywords can be added by the User to any Content.

Topic Tree

Keywords are added into the Casenoter Topic Tree which is organised into: –

  • Areas of Law
  • Topics
  • Keywords

Areas of Law

A User can filter Content by the Areas of Law which have been added to Content.


The User can Search all their Content by the Content Attributes: –

  • Name of the Content
  • Description of the Content
  • Keywords added to the Content.
  • Comments made by the User.


The User can Sort the Content by: –

  • Name
  • Date

Select Content

The User can Select the Content.

The User will be taken to the detail of the Content.