Early Access

If you’re ready to get started, there’s no better time than now to contribute to the development of Casenoter.

We’re offering Early Access for a limited time only, and with a limited number of Users.

You get all the benefits of a fully functioning App for the duration of your subscription period. 

And you can watch Casenoter grow and develop!

$195 / Yearly
includes 30 day free trial
$1,215 / One time payment
includes 30 day free trial
$19.95 / Monthly
includes 30 day free trial

Foundation Membership

Membership will be limited to a maximum of 1215.

One time payment of $1,215. 

Use the App for free!


With a one time payment every Foundation Member receives a continuing free subscription to the Casenoter App.


Foundation Members are members of the legal profession who would like to share the whole Casenoter experience.


Foundation Members will contribute to the future development of the Casenoter experience.


Purchase a Foundation Membership package for a one off payment of $1215.