Search Browser


  1. The User can conduct Searches for Case Law on WorldLii data bases – Austlii and BAILii – from within Casenoter.
  2. To improve their Search results the User can:-
    1. Use Assisted Search with Keywords from the Casenoter Topic Tree – including the Boolean Selections (OR, AND, NOT, NEAR) to conduct Run the Search
    2. Apply Search Parameters by:-
      • Date Range
      • Search By – Full text or Titles only
      • WorldLii data base selection – Austlii or BAILII
      • Jurisdiction selection – State or Country
      • Forum selection – Courts or Tribunals
  3. The User can Save the Assisted Search and the Search Parameters as a Saved Search.
  4. The User can select an existing Saved Search and Run the Search.
  5. The User can select a Case Link from their Content and go to the Law Case.