Welcome to Casenoter

Welcome to Casenoter . . .
Casenoter will assist you to find relevant cases, on Austlii, more easily and to create your own content and organise the content. And then to collaborate with other users, by sharing the content with other lawyers.
Casenoter, is a software application, which enables you to Search Austlii, more efficiently, by applying keywords from the Casenoter Topic Tree, or keywords you have added and setting pre-defined Search Parameters for your favourite jurisdictions, Courts, and tribunals.
Then Run the Search within Austlii, applying the search parameters.
Save the Search, as a Saved Search.
Once you have found the case you are interested in, you can save the link to the case as a Case Link.
Clip the relevant part of the case and save it as a Case Extract.
My Work Centre, within the Casenoter App, is the place where you can organise all your content, Case Extracts, Saved Searches, and Case Links.
Also create WorkPads, which are a generic text editor that lets you create plain text files.
Upload WorkDocs, such as Law Cases, or Law Articles.
Each of these elements can be easily managed, and organised, on My Work Centre.
Create Binders, and Matters.
Binders can be created for any subject you are interested in.
Matters may be created for any client.
Link any Case Extract, Saved Search and Case Link, and any WorkPad, and WorkDoc, to any Binder or Matter.
If you would like to share, and collaborate with colleagues, or other users of CaseNoter, you can choose to share one of your binders, or one of your matters.
Another user of CaseNoter may choose to share a binder or matter with you. If a binder, or matter, is shared, then you will be able to see the binder, or matter, in Shared with me.
All your content . . . Case Extracts, Saved Searches and Case Links, and any WorkPads, and WorkDocs, are saved to My Library on the Libraries screen.
Choose to share selected content to the Global Library, so that all users of Casenoter can help each other to share their knowledge and creations.
Casenoter, aims to make life easier, and simpler for lawyers. Help fellow lawyers, by helping Casenoter, to share the burden.

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